Introduction of hardware technology
Time: 2023-11-06

Since 2007, the production process of hardware products of  Garbath Houswware Co., Ltd.from opening, stamping, bending, welding, orthopedics, polishing, surface treatment, quality inspection process processing into finished hardware products, adhere to the quality of the foundation of the business, strict control of the production process, skilled staff more than 100 people, timely delivery, regular delivery time as short as 15-20 days, At present, 96.7% of the product production process is completed in the factory, and 150,000 sets of products can be produced every month. There is a perfect product quality inspection department, which can detect products in real time through tensile test equipment, salt spray test equipment, drop test and other instruments. We will also independently entrust third-party testing companies SGS,BV,TUV to conduct product compliance testing according to customer orders to ensure the quality of each set of products. Built 6,000 square meters of storage space, the application of professional ERP software for warehouse management, real-time grasp of order production progress, with experienced OEM/ODM processing capabilities. Each batch of product production can be traced to the manufacturing process to ensure perfect after-sales service. We have passed the BSCI,SEDEX factory inspection standards of international customers, and our products are exported to Germany, Britain, Spain, Russia, the United States, Indonesia, the Middle East and other markets.

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